Press at GSA 2024

Are you a member of the media and interested in covering the GSA 2024 Annual Scientific Meeting?

Media Registration

GSA extends complimentary registration to all working members of the media. This includes reporters, editors, publishers, electronic media producers, columnists, bloggers, and other editorial communicators who reach general or specialized audiences on a regular basis with news reports or fact-based analysis.

Applicants for media registration must provide:

  • An editorial title that is verifiable or proof of an editorial assignment to cover the conference.
  • A hard copy or link to a recent bylined article or audio/video story credited to you.

Freelancers are asked to:

  • Provide a letter or e-mail from a publisher, editor, or executive-level producer indicating that you are covering the GSA Annual Scientific Meeting.
  • For those without advance assignments, provide evidence of journalistic work previously produced or published in a subject area related to concerns in aging; or provide proof of membership in the Association for Health Care Journalists.

Online media must meet the following criteria:

  • Online content must be produced for an established news entity, rather than for a personal website or social media account.
  • Website or e-news content must extend beyond links, forums, personal diaries, opinion, personal analysis, or information about the publishing organization’s activities and programs.
  • A blog must reflect current aging-related news that is posted on a consistent daily or weekly basis.

Media Resources

Press Room

The Press Room, located in Room #305 at the Seattle Convention Center, serves as a base of operations for reporters covering the meeting. Here media representatives’ network, conduct interviews, and consult with GSA's communications staff.

Meeting Program & Mobile App

GSA offers an online, interactive meeting program and mobile app that will be launch in the Fall of 2024. Using these tool, you can browse the program of conference sessions by speaker, title, date, and time, or use the search feature to find presentations by topic areas, presenters’ last names, and keywords.

For instructions on how to register, email us:

Todd Kluss, Director of Communications |

Upon providing the credentials described above, you will be given a unique code to register for the meeting at no charge.

Journalists are responsible for their own hotel and transportation costs.